Here is my photographic collection of Icelandic Cod fishermen on the Norwegian Sea. I was invited aboard 1272 Stulra GK-12, a 52meter (170ft), boat in early October of 2013. After a quick flight from Rekjavik to Egilsstadir with my friend Sindri, who works on Sturla, we made our way over a mountain pass east to Djúpivogur. The men of Sturla were loading up for another journey out to the sea to longline fish fresh Cod. The crew worked in two teams of five men each, rotating every six hours for four nights and five days straight. The boat was continually baiting, setting long lines out, railing the lines back in with cod, gutting and icing repeat. All the while the acting Captain and acting 1st mate took longer shifts, 10-12 hours, driving the boat and making sure everyone is safe. The jolly, storytelling chef kept everyone with a full belly supplying snacks all day of cheese sandwiches and apple slices. The man maintaining the beast, a red cheeked, big bellied always laughing engineer, maintained a continuously moving piston M.A.K. engine from the original 1967 boat. While all these guys worked with ease and walked with confidence it was tricky for me to get my sea legs in 15 plus ft waves. (Including the time I tired to get a drink of water and a giant wave make me loose my footing and slam me into the side of the boat.) Never did get sea sick, no idea why. There is something calming about being so out of control of where you are and what could happen. I am so thankful for the experience and to the boat and the whole crew for being so welcoming, even the ones that only spoke Icelandic. 

Takk fyrir