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Karinna Gylfphe has perfected the art of conveying a story without words. Following a formal education with the Hallmark Institute of Photography followed by several years working in the NYC photo industry with top fashion, celebrity, and product photographers worldwide, she branched out on her own because there was a deeper story to tell. 

She now focuses on capturing the unspoken story and essence of a person through timeless and elegant portraiture. Emotions translated into images captured in a single photo. 

She is passionate about all kinds of music (80's, metal, goth, alternative and some pop!) spirituality, alternative realities,  manifestation, inner work and healing all while staying grounded in reality of this so called "3D" world.

And she will end up on the floor at least once per photoshoot!

Los Angeles, CA

@karinnagylfphe • contact@gylfphephoto.com

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